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Softwood Lumber Dispute

Canada has been embroiled in a softwood lumber dispute for several decades. During this dispute there have been several phases.

Lumber I: 1982-1983
Lumber II: 1986-1991
Lumber III: 1992-1996
Lumber IV: 2001-2006

Part I
In your own words, provide a summary of the assigned topic below.  Be sure to descrive which Phase it occured in as well as sourcing three additional references.

Part II
Using the CBC Digital Archives, research one video or audio clip on your assigned topic and provide a summary on the Class Blog.

Part III
After reading your classmates material, write a reflection consisting of your personal opinion regarding one aspect of the Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber Dispute.


The Softwood War Begins

Source: The softwood war begins

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  • Warice
  • Abisha
  • Monica
  • Stephanie

The Softwood Lumber Wars, Round Two

Source: The softwood lumber wars, round two

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  • Suthan
  • Harani
  • Tia
  • Christian

Softwood Dispute: American Tariff Threatens Free Trade Talks

Source: Softwood Dispute: American tariff threatens free trade talks

Image result for canada us softwood lumber dispute

  • Tavon
  • Amanda
  • Maran
  • Alexis

Softwood Dispute: Canada Drops Its Export Tax

Source: Softwood Dispute: Canada drops its export tax

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  • Ariel
  • Salar
  • Neethan
  • Jai

Softwood Dispute: Province Against Province, Mill Against Mill

Source: Softwood Dispute: Province against province, mill against mill

Image result for canada us softwood lumber dispute

  • Kacey
  • Allanah
  • Agash

Softwood Dispute: Run For The Border

Source: Softwood Dispute: Run for the border

Image result for canada us softwood lumber dispute

  • Santiago
  • Kalina
  • Kory
  • Wayne

Softwood Dispute: Canada Claims Victory at WTO

Softwood Dispute: Canada claims victory at WTO

Image result

  • Ryan
  • Arun
  • Christina

A Controversial Agreement

Source: A controversial agreement

  • Rosie
  • Aimee
  • Lajeevan

Settlers of Catan – Group 8

Group 8:

  • Samreet
  • Ghazal
  • Stefan
  • Sana

Image result for settlers of catan board game

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