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International Agreements & Organizations

Below are the topics covered for the presentations. Please comment the link to your prezi on this post.

  1. NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement 
  2. EU – European Union 
  3. BRIC – Brazil, Russia, India and China 
  4. WTO – World Trade Organization
  5. APEC – Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 
  6. G8 / G20 
  7. OECD – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 
  8. World Bank 
  9. IMF – International Monetary Fund 
  10. OPEC – Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries 
  11. NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization 
  12. UN – United Nations 
  13. FTAA – Free Trade Area of the Americas 
  14. CCFTA – Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement 
  15. WHO – World Health Organization 
  16. WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency
  17. Artic Council
  18. Paris Agreement
  19. TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership 
  20. Another International Agreement or Organization
  21. World Economic Farm 

RISK: Group 5

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RISK: Group 4

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RISK: Group 3

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RISK: Group 2

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RISK: Group 1

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Ourworld Hack – Unlimited Gems and Coins

Linux is a popular and widely used operating system among numerous users around the globe. Due to its open source code, it has been popular among the users. The open source code signifies that the underlying source code can be altered and redistributed in both commercial together with non-commercial applications. Despite of having numerous use based immense popularity and functionalities, Linux operating system suffers from information loss issue. Continue reading

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In 2000 Navision software merged with Damgaard to form Navision Damgaard A/S which was afterwards named as Navision A/S, this company released ERP alternative branded as Microsoft Dynamics NAV in 2005 and was taken over by Microsoft. Apart from Dynamics NAV, Microsoft has a CRM solution and three other ERP alternatives AX, SL and GP. Microsoft took up an ambitious endeavor to unify all the four ERP options to give compact single alternative which has been called off lately as a result of unsatisfactory results to one, now Microsoft is supporting and enriching all the four solutions. Continue reading

Softwood Lumber Dispute

Canada has been embroiled in a softwood lumber dispute for several decades. During this dispute there have been several phases.

Lumber I: 1982-1983
Lumber II: 1986-1991
Lumber III: 1992-1996
Lumber IV: 2001-2006

Part I
In your own words, provide a summary of the assigned topic below.  Be sure to descrive which Phase it occured in as well as sourcing three additional references.

Part II
Using the CBC Digital Archives, research one video or audio clip on your assigned topic and provide a summary on the Class Blog.

Part III
After reading your classmates material, write a reflection consisting of your personal opinion regarding one aspect of the Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber Dispute.


The Softwood War Begins

Source: The softwood war begins

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