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Settlers of Catan – Group 1

Group 1:

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Barathe, Minesh, Khalid, Neesa

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  1. At first, the game “Catan” took a little time getting used to. However when you get the hang of it, it becomes very competitive, in addition to expanding ones knowledge on trade and property development as well as excercising your brain to come up with new and improved strategies! One strategy I learned /worked for me was to place your properties all around the board throughout different resources because of the fact that you can develop your properties and cover more area, getting you more cards to build cities, settlements etc. Another strategy would be trading resource cards with your partners instead of waiting to receive them on your own in order to receive a certain amount to utilize for building a city, development card or whatever it may be. However, sometimes it may be difficult because you do not want to give others what they need to continue building, so paying attention to their cards is a good idea as well. A third strategy would be when rolling the seven you have the opportunity to place the robber anywhere you’d like, therefore I believe that it is smart to place it where your partners have the most property set on the board, limiting their chances to receive resource cards as it benefits yourself! <3

  2. Catan was a very interesting game that requires the skill of strategy and the sliver of luck. My strategies were to put my settlements around most rolled and high number places. Since the resources were placed diversely, getting any resources were easy. But luck was not on my side since the die wasn’t being rolled in my favor, and i ended up with ores in the beginning which didn’t help me build roads, and logs at the end which didn’t help me build settlements. I placed my settlements at a corner witch gave me a disadvantage to build a long road, realizing this, i had to go for development cards to help me with this situation since it can sabotage other people with their growth too. My biggest motives were to build a large area of my settlements, but that also didn’t play in my favor due to the numbers not being rolled and the robber keeping me from getting the resources. What i learned is that trading is essential, and that placement of your settlement and luck can be pivotal to this game, development cards cant do much to help you out but to sabotage others when the opportunity is needed.

  3. Catan was a very fun strategic game. On the first day, i did not like the game at all and did not find it interesting but that was due to the fact that i didn’t know how to play. On the second day, the game got more intense and our group got into a lot of arguments. This resulted in us rebelling each other and every one was on their own. My strategy that i used on the second day of playing the game is i made sure i placed a settlement on either 5,6,or 8 and i placed my settlement on ore and wheat. I placed my settlement on 5,6, and 8 because i realised that those were the numbers that were usually rolled a lot. This resulted me in getting a lot of cards and by this, i got to make a lot of trades which benefited me in the long run. I also made sure i put my settlements around ore and wheat because that’s what you need to make a city. The further we got into the game, i would notice that my group members would want to make cities so i made sure i had the cards before so that i can make trades with them, and also make cities as well which was a win, win situation. Also when made cities i would put them around ore and wheat too because i feel they were important cards. In the end my strategy worked, and i won but i am not sure of it will work all the time. What i learned from this game is not to show anyone what you have since they can easily turn your game around if they see, also to not rush your way through building, save up your cards, and have patience.

  4. My first experience with the game wasn’t easy to grasp. My understanding of the game was a bit limited, so i had to just play and role to get resources to build more roads and settlements. My strategy wasn’t great, and so discovering more about the atmosphere and system of the game was my main motive to get a better understanding of the game. I had no objective or understanding of the game until i realized that communicating is a key factor of progressing, which was hard to do with team mates who have trust issues, and to put settlements with most rolled or a better probability to role. Probability was a major key, and I wasn’t being smart with my placements, which i learned to resolve with creating longer roads. I made an understanding if i got logs and bricks at first, it would help me with the game, so i can trade those with other people to make settlements after i made enough for one settlement.

  5. I’ve never played Catan before and I also missed the orientation session. That being said, it was difficult the first game, but by the second it was actually very simple. The trick is to gain as many points as you can while also building a dominant and long settlement that covers numerous areas, giving you access to more cards. At first I thought the game was built on luck, but after playing it I realized it really depends on where you put your settlements and how you play. It isn’t luck that chooses which cards to trade, where to place your settlements, what you choose to cash in, how you interact with your opponents, etc. To conclude, my strategy is to spread out and conquer instead of starting at once place, the more areas your blocks cover, the more card you acquire, the more points you acquire, and higher the likelihood of you winning.

  6. Todays game of Catan escalated to an intense one as we have learnt new strategies and ideas to capture the same objective. However we have proved that communication was a key factor in order to progress. One strategy today that i had changed from last game was to place my roads and settlements between those numbers that were more likely to be rolled throughout our group, giving me more resource cards, in which enabled me to build more and more roads , increasing my property and space covered whithin the board. With competitive teammates, it got a bit difficult to trade resource cards as we all had the same goal. The trading progressed as we then decided to help eachother build property one by one and communicated throughout the game as to whom agreed to make sacrifices of giving up their cards and make new plans. Today i feel like my team including myself, was trying our hardest to build roads in order to cover and conquer the most space on the roads however we ran into a road block as we would get blocked off from another teammates road, i was determined to continue developing my settlements into cities and saving up my resource cards in addition to continue placing the robber where my teammates had more placements.

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