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Settlers of Catan – Group 3

Group 3:

  • Emma
  • Sarah
  • Reshma
  • Sahana

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  1. October 2
    On the first day playing, my strategy was to locate my settlements around as many different resources as I could. This being because I am trying to collect as much as possible to grow my “community” and to be able to get things such a development cards. If i wasn’t able to locate my settlements this way, I made sure I put my settlements near the resources I needed most according to my card. I also payed attention to the numbers placed on the resources. This being because I wanted to place my settlements near numbers that were rolled more frequently, allowing me to collect more “goods”.

    What I learned from my first day experience was that I should be aiming to create the longest chain of roads, settlements, and cities. This comes with a card that gives you more points, and creates me an advantage in winning over the other players. I also learned that trading with players is a main key as well because when you are low on a resource and for example you need to buy a city, you no longer have to wait till you collect it but can simply ask for it during a turn. This will then allow you to expand your “community” and furthermore create more points for yourself to win.

  2. October 4
    The strategies I used for the second day were different than the first time I played. This time I focused more on building roads to gain the longest road card and not so much about the resources around my settlements. This being because the two extra points do come along way in the end. Also because my roads were easy to buy due to the fact that I had two settlements on the number 9’s and collected a lumber and brick card each time it was rolled. This gave me in advantage in that case because I was able to receive 2 resources instead of one, when that number was rolled.

    What I learned from my second experience was that I needed to watch out for development cards more. This being because some of them give you victory points and if another player keeps it till the end and surprises you with it, they could potentially win and beat you at the last second. I also learned that trading could make or break you. If you are not collecting the resources that are needed to allow you to win you must find another way and that’s obviously by trading. Therefore in this game it would be good to create alliances and such. Overall it was a great learning experience and I had fun!

  3. While playing Catan in class, I have learnt a lot of tips and tricks which might help me in the real world of business in the future. At first, I didn’t understand the rules of the game quite well as my group members and I played wrong the first few times. I thought this game was pretty fun but as we all learnt the proper way of the game, it started to become quite difficult. Catan is all about luck. If I didn’t get the number where my roads or settlements were, I wouldn’t have been able to pick up any resources, leading me to last place. While placing my roads and settlements on the board, I had to be very smart. There were many criterias that I had to follow. I wanted to build the longest road and get the extra card for it so I could get 2 extra points. I also tried to block off a certain area, so that I could get as many resources I could and also make it difficult for the people I was playing against. I used these strategies a lot during the game which lead me to second place. I definitely know how trading works, as I would make deals with the people I was playing with! Overall I would say it was a great experience and it was really fun! I really enjoyed how marks were tied in because it made the game a little more competitive. It was a fun way of learning how the world of business works!

    • While playing Catan the first time around, I didn’t really pay attention to the development cards. The development cards can actually be very helpful. I learned that while playing the second time around. The development cards helped me win as they gave me 2 extra points. The development cards can also move the robber around which is always useful. I was lucky enough to get both of those development cards. I also worked on teaming up with others more this time. Teaming up with others really did help get me more resources and helped me build more cities and roads. The game was very competitive and I tried my best to make alliances with others. It was hard to win on my own because everyone had different strategies that would work for them, so teaming up was the best way to win. I think my strategies from the first game to last kept getting better. I think I played better the second time because I used all the strategies I came up with which lead me to victory. Overall I really did enjoy the experience and hope we do more activities like this again in the future!

  4. October 8,
    Playing the game Catan is all about trust and trading with your group members and the most important thing is knowing how to play the game. Their a big is advantage if you know how to play the game. Or their can be a buff disadvantage if you don’t know to play the game. Many of the group member knew how to play better than me and for the first couple of game I was last place. Now I’m going to talk about the strategies how to win the game and to be the person that has the most city’s and settlements and get to 10 points as fast as possible. In the second round I came in tie for third place. Me and Sahana both had 7 settlement. And Emma got to 10 faster than us. To win fast I would advise you to buy a lot of city and road and don’t wait until last minute to buy anything or cash out. If you wait until last minute some of ur members might take the territory and the place you want to go. I would say this game is great to play because you get to see everyone trading slide. For example I need an another rock to buy a city but none of my group member would give it to me. But later on classes and classes went on I became 1st place. But I’ll talk about how I became first place in my last reflection.

  5. October 8,
    On the last day of playing the game Catan I became first place in the game. Becoming first was great because I realized what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. Now I knew how to come first and win the game. The biggest chance of wining is getting the longest road and trying to buy cities as much as I can or even buying settlements. Having the longest road all ready gives you 2 points ahead of your group member. Also try your best at the start of the game to place your 2 settlements somewhere that you think the dice will land on. For example the dice in our group will always roll on 8 or 5 so try to set your settlements on a number you think it’s going to land. But when I was playing the game it would land on the number I would like it to land on and that how I got all my card to buy some settlements and road and cities. Also buy those development they will do some good stuff and also give you many points to place the robber on your other team member settlement and blocked them off so they can’t get any points unlit the robber move again.

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