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Settlers of Catan – Group 6

Group 6:

  • Jacob
  • Shazhad
  • Rasheed
  • Ahan

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  1. At first, playing the game Catan was kind of confusing because I never played it before but eventually I got use to it and understood how to play. It was a good way to understand trade and property development. By playing this game it made you think of strategies to win but was hard to think of what a smart choice was and which wasn’t. One strategy I learned was to place your properties all around the map at the beginning because you’ll have more area to expand on later on compared to just putting it in one place. Another strategy was to place your properties on all the kinds of land at first which was brick, forestry, grass, rock, and wheat which helped you get a variety of cards and just not the same ones all the time. Another strategy i later picked up on was that to stop others players developing, was to not trade them the card they needed because if they kept asking for that one card or those few cards that means they are trying to develop something and the point of this game is to develop the most land. One other strategy i learned was when you roll a 7 and get the robber, you should place it in the area of which your groups most developments are so you can block that off and that would help them stop getting those cards which would slow down them trying to develop more properties. Overall I liked playing it and it was a good way to understand trade and how to develop/expand your land by building properties.

    • During my second game of playing Catan, I didn’t play as well by making poor decisions and ending up coming in last place but the first time I played i came first. When i played the second time my peers also knew the strategies of how to play and make smarter choices so it was an a lot more competitive game. I still used the same strategies such as placing my properties all around the map and on the different resources so I’m able to get more cards, placing the robber in the areas of which your peers have the most developments to block them, and to not trade the properties your peers needed because they are trying to develop and the point of the game is to build the most developments. Another strategy I picked up on was to keep building roads which help expand my territory than later on i can develop on. Playing the second time i picked up on ideas my peers were using which helped make the game more competitive by using their tactics against them. Overall playing the game Catan was a good experience and it was a better way to learn trade by actually experiencing it. I learned a lot from playing this game and I’m looking forward to play it again later on in the year.

  2. Whilst playing Catan, I realized that the game is not very different from the real marketing world. It does involve a lot of strategy and smart moves to be able to win. Catan is a strategic game that involves smart placement of your roads, settlements and cities. It also requires a lot of luck because of the involvement of dice in the game. I tried to place my roads, settlements and cities around the resources that were very useful to build everything such as rocks, bricks and wheat but every resource was useful in the ending. The use of the robber was very helpful too since rolling a seven on the dice seemed pretty easy. I placed the robber in the areas where everyone had their settlements or on a common number. I learned that a lot of smart moves are required for this game because you want to be able to cover all of the resources.

  3. It being my first time playing Catan, I personally enjoyed it. After learning the game, I pictured some strategies such as building as much roads as you can to be able to establish settlements and cities as those were what gave you victory points. I also looked at development cards as a bonus as they were helpful in some ways such as being able to take any resource and also steal a resource from another player along with them giving you two victory points which was helpful for me in the end. Unfortunately, the way I carried out my game led me to end up tied for third. I planned on building a lot of roads first before placing settlements or cities as I thought that would give me a variety of options. Although, what I had forgot was the shortage / limit of supply we were given. I had multiple roads placed, although because of my supply, I was unable to purchase any settlements or cities. When I figured out I was in a bad position, I used most of my supply to purchase two settlements to gain victory points because it was mandatory for me otherwise I was positive I would have ended up last. I was at a point where I had to struggle and just continue buying. I purchased three development cards where as one was extremely useful which was the two victory points as it basically saved me in the end to not end up in last position. I personally believe placing multiple roads was a good idea though in the end because the locations of the roads had blocked off others from placing any settlements or cities so which ended up making the game close in the end. The two that were tied in first place had one more victory point than I and the other player that was tied for third. What I learned from Catan is that the supply you receive is extremely useful and that you have to use it wisely otherwise you’ll end up in a position where you have to just buy and get rid of your supply to at least end up in a decent position rather than last such as I did. I also learned to not waste my supply all on roads and wait till the end to purchase settlements and cities as it basically kills you because of your supply shortage. Overall, the game was extremely interesting and engaging; unfortunately, my group only got to play once (due to volleyball) and couldn’t capitalize on our mistakes in our previous game.

  4. My second time playing was kind of a different experience but had the same result of me placing third overall. I learned how making friends and teaming up with others to help take down the first place player. I teamed up with all of the players at least once throughout the whole game and tried to make deals to satisfy both of our needs. I also realized how to place my roads and settlements in a more strategic way to help gain the most amount of resources possible. I did make some mistakes by finishing all of my resources very quickly or by building many settlements or buying development cards rather than trying to build a city to gain more victory points. I feel as if I could have sabotaged the players that I had teamed up with to get ahead in the game but there was a possibility that they might be able to get me back so I did not want to risk that. I played the game very safe the first time around so I decided to change my course of action and dove right into the game by buying many roads to further expand my area of the map. I bought a lot of development cards this time because I was curious to see what other cards were out there and many of them surprised me and helped me a lot. For example, the development card that allows me to build two new roads. That card helped me gain some ground against the other players because I was able to build a settlement immediately without even having to build the roads with my own resources which came in very clutch to help me secure third place. Overall, I feel like it was a very exciting game to play and I learnt a lot of trading involved aspects.

  5. Although my group members and I only played one Catan game, I stilled learned a lot from that experience. To begin, I had a huge advantage because I was the only one out the group who knew how to play. I tried my best to explain the game to them to make it as fair as possible. While playing, the strategy I used was to try my best to place my two starting settlements to all resource tiles so I have a greater chance to earn all resource cards (grain, brick, ore, sheep and lumber) when the dice is rolled. I also tried to put my starting settlements where the most frequent number dice is rolled at like a six or an eight. This strategy would make it easier for me to build and collect development cards. I used this strategy and it really helped me dominate the game by building roads, settlements and cities as quick as possible, this got me two to three victory points ahead. I learned that the moment I started to pull away and take the lead, my opponents started to triple team me and would try to make it difficult for me to collect cards to build my settlements because I was such a threat. They would put the robber wherever my settlements and cities were but in the end I came up victorious. To conclude, I really enjoyed participating in this activity, everyone was very interactive and engaged, I hope we get to do more activities like this.

  6. During the second game, I had managed to counter from my previous match and used strategies I picked up on which had benefitted me as I ended up second this round. What I had done was because of the shortage of our supply, I placed my settlements in different areas so I would be given a variety of supply and also be given the opportunity to expand around the map from two different areas rather than be clustered together and possibly end up being blocked by others settlements or roads. At the start, instead of purchasing any settlements, cities, or development cards; I had gathered a large variety of supply which had put me in a stable position as I knew I could build. As I moved forward, I managed to build roads, expand, and then continue by purchasing settlements where ever I was able to and keep my self in a higher position than the others. As I was in a stable position and was tied for first, I decided to use my supply on development cards as there was a possibility of being rewarded two victory points from achieving three knight cards. I came out successful and managed to get ahold of three knight cards which rewarded me two victory points which made me even more stable and allowed me to focus on building more settlements and cities. When the map became too clustered, I decided to save up supply once again and change my settlements into cities for more victory points and in the end, it was a close match but unfortunately I ended up second. Although, I believe I countered in a good way and didn’t wait to use supply and I used it wisely. It was a stressful but competitive match but a good way to end Catan off.

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