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Settlers of Catan – Group 7

Group 7:

  • Ossama
  • Abdallah
  • Shebah
  • Zainab

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  1. At first, the game was quite confusing to understand, but as soon as the game began developing, it made sense. I learned that it takes some thinking to settle your buildings somewhere that’s gonna make you profit and bring you more resources. often times when you settle somewhere uncommon, you don’t gain much resources from that place, making your next move smarter then the previous one.

    The strategies i used in this game was to gain enough resources to collect development cards. development cards help you gain more points and often times help you outperform your opponents by taking their resources. another strategy i used was building cities in places where the dice rolled more often, this helped me gain double the resources in less rolls.

  2. Playing Catan helped me understand the importance of smart decision making in terms of real life situations. luck and strategic movements are key to this game. placing our settlements and cities in places where there are more rich in resources is one objective of the game. making sure you get all the resources you need by placing settlements and cities distant from each other is strategically smart as it allows you to collect more resources rather than building our settlements close together.

  3. playing catan helped me realize the importance of wise and smart decision making. it opens up different options and different resources you can get by placing your pieces by enriched and well-developed areas for resources. by placing your pieces in areas with a good amount of resources you have a better chance of improving the state of your city. you can also change and trade resources with other people/ cities. so this game gives us very good knowledge and experience of the world and its economic issues in terms of how the world improves and how the economy improves everyday

  4. In the beginning of the game I was very confused and thought it was very complicated, but being focused and concentrated helped me understand the game so much better. This game is a good way to help me in the future for good decision making for trades and property development. It helped develop great skills and thinking strategies that will help me in the future. I’ve noticed throughout this game it involves a lot of thinking, focus, concentration and understanding. I had to build, cities, roads etc, this wasn’t easy because it’s about using different strategies so I can collect the most items to build my city. I noticed which numbers were mostly uncommon to get rolled upon, so a strategy I used was to place my roads, cities or settlements around numbers that were rolled for the most. This helped me get a better chance making my roads,cities and settlements much bigger. I also started off placing my settlements and roads in different sections so I am able to expand on it making my roads, cities and settlements throughout the game. There was a lot of card trading involved during the game, but I realized that when I trade a card that someone really needs I will basically be helping them expand their area, so if I did decide to trade I would trade for more than one card because I will be making a bigger profit out of it.

  5. On the first day of playing Catan, I found the game to be really confusing. As the game progressed I slowly began to understand the concept of the game and how to successfully create the largest infrastructure of trade. the game involves a lot of critical thinking especially when deciding where to place our initial settlements. I’m still trying to learn the loopholes and tricks to be able to win.

    my strategies for the first day were to gather the most resources so that I could create a larger infrastructure. whenever I got the chance, I’d build a city because that would allow me to gain more points and double the reasource. this was quite difficult considering the specific rules and standards each settlement must meet. my main focus was to create more cities and settlements.

  6. On the second day, I had a better understanding of the game and so was able to strategically place my settlements in places that would allow me to strive and become rich in resources. My main focus this time around was to use other techniques to my advantage. Something different I did the second day was I learned to trade with my partners more, and buy development cards. When trading with my partners I learned that I can gain the resources I need instead of having to wait until I land on that resource in replacement of a resource I have an excess amount of. this worked to my advantage because I was able to create a larger infrastructure a lot faster, which then furthered me more to gain resources. another technique I learned was to buy development cards. the development cards allowed me to “cheat” my way through the game. The development cards allowed me to gain more points like when I build the longest road or build an army. this game gave me some insight on what the actually trading/business world consists of. of course, it is more complicated, but this provides the understanding of the basic skills you must obtain in order to successfully build an empire

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