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RISK: Group 3

Responses for Group 3:


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  1. RISK Day 1.
    Risk is a strategic board game that many of us found very challenging. Playing this game was a little difficult at first. Everyone wasn’t very interested in the game because it was quite confusing, we didn’t know much about it, but as we learned more of the rules and more about the game and strategies we could use we found it more fun. Everyone was very focused and into it. In this game, risk, we all basically have to take a bunch of risks even if we don’t know if it’s the right thing to do. I would roll 3 dices challenging someone else and they can roll 2 and if I got a higher number I would eliminate their troop but if they got a higher number or the same number as me I lose a troop. The point of having troops is to move them expanding them into other territories to build up our troops and take over more of the territories cancelling other troops out. This game also helps with decision making because we have to take many risks during the game and sometimes when we have to make decisions we’re unsure that it’s the right, because of the risk of losing troops. A strategy a lot of us used was building up our troops in one country and adding on to it to defeat other troops, expanding the amount of troops. This helps us eliminate other troops faster and have high chances of expanding troops. This game would’ve been better if we all knew the rules at first because we weren’t playing properly at first, everything was all over the place. Since we didn’t know all the rules we lost chances on eliminating troops sometimes, but as we learned the rules and different techniques we could used it became more interesting and easier to eliminate troops.

  2. My classmates and I played a game called Risk, the other day. Risk is a strategy-based game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest. During our first attempt at playing the game, we were still trying to learn the how the game worked. We didn’t know how to use our troops properly. We had a couple of problems throughout our first attempt at the game but eventually we got a hang of it. Once we finished that practice day, we played it the next day too. For real though. We knew how to play the game properly and we started to develop strategies on how to conquer the most amount of territories. We all decided to take over the continent in which we had the most troops on. I had taken over Asia since my troops were mainly deployed there. I also thought about making allies with some of the other players but I did not trust some of my opponents so I decided not to do that. I learned that this game requires a lot of strategic thinking, same goes for the business world. It also requires a lot of strategic thinking. I also learned that deploying your troops in the game is pretty similar to investing your money. You have to deploy your troops where you think you’ll need it the most, both offensively and defensively. Same goes for investing money. You have to invest your money into something useful or something that will increase your profits. Overall, I had a great time playing Risk even though I did not win. I came second, almost coming first. I hope I can come first and be able to conquer as many territories as possible on day 2 of playing and learning about Risk.

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  3. On day 2 of playing Risk, it was more competitive and even more exciting. My opponents were much more careful about their moves and developed new and more effective strategies against me and the other players. We all knew how the game worked and were in it to win it. I decided to take over a continent and stick to that again. It worked effectively for most of the game. One new strategy I learned and was very effective by someone, was to save up all your cards until you have around 8-10 stars. Then you can claim 20-30 troops in one turn which was very smart and powerful. That was what lost me the game and made me place second once more. One tactic that was not effective at all, was trying to take over areas and leaving only one troop to defend it. I saw a couple of my opponents do that which helped me gain many more territories throughout the game. I learned that saving up is better in the long haul rather than spending it all at once, no matter what the item is. Saving up always helps because you will always be able to acquire more or better quality and in some cases, both. Risk is all about luck. You have to roll a high number to take over a territory or defend your own. You have to draw cards, without seeing what it is, and hope to get a two star card to place two troops at a territory instead of one. You also have to draw cards randomly to get stars which you can later use to buy troops and the amount of stars on the card determine how many troops you can deploy. Overall, Risk is a strategy-based game but also requires luck. I hope on our last day I can actually win instead of coming second, once again.

  4. Day 1: At the beginning of playing Risk, it was quite confusing understanding all the rules of the game but as I kept playing it became easier to play. Risk is a strategic game so it takes lots of strategy and thinking to capture as much land as you can. Luck also plays a role in this game, when rolling the dice you never know what the outcome could be so either you lose your troops or gain a whole territory, all depending on your luck. Overall this game is a very competitive game and it’s a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to playing more games and strategizing more.

  5. Day 1:
    At the beginning of playing Risk, it was quite confusing understanding all the rules of the game but as I kept playing it became easier to play. Risk is a strategic game so it takes lots of strategy and thinking to capture as much land as you can. Luck also plays a role in this game, when rolling the dice you never know what the outcome could be so either you lose your troops or gain a whole territory, all depending on your luck. Overall this game is a very competitive game and it’s a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to playing more games and strategizing more.

  6. Day 3:
    We have played Risk for third and final time in class and it was a wonderful experience. The friendly competition, the suspense and the amount of fun the game was for us. The first time we played, I placed third. The second time we played, I placed second. I was hoping to come first this game but day 3 was just not my day. It started off bad because of the cards I was dealt but somehow I made it work with what i was given. It was going good until I decided to play more aggressive. I usually played more defensive and passive but on this day, I wanted to try something different. Once I started playing more aggressively and more offensive, I started taking over more territories which left my other territories to only have one troop defending which made it easier for people to take over my territory. Since everyone was playing this way though, I decided to do it too which was very bad for me. If I kept playing defensively throughout the game, I feel like I would’ve had a better chance at coming first. Anyway, I learned a lot from this game and I am grateful for this amazing opportunity that I was given to learn from this game. I hope we can play more games like this so I can learn more.

  7. day 2:
    Playing the game again really made me get a hold of how things work and how to succeed. I started being confident because the techniques i was using were working because i came first place twice. The majority of the time, the game is about luck, but the skill part comes into play once you know where and how to place your troops. You have to think strategically and place your troops all around the globe so that once you submit your cards you scatter all your soldiers everywhere and take as many territories as you can. It’s a lot of fun once you get a hang of it. Collecting my cards till the end is another strategy that i used. It helped me succeed because by the end of the game i had my troops everywhere taking over every territory, and man does winning feel nice.

  8. Day 3 was also another success for me and i ended up keeping my championship of coming first place 3 times. At this point i really got a hang of the game and it became easy to strategize. I noticed in this game, my luck was quite bad, i kept losing toops due to the lack of lack i had with the dice, but i sticked to my plan and it sure did come through. My plan was to hold down my cards and keep collecting my troops till the class was almost over. In the meantime i made sure all my troops were scattered around everywhere so when i release my big group of troops they can take over as much land as possible. Although most of the time i kept losing my troops i still ended up having 1 or 2 troops in a couple of territories. Finally, it was time to release my master plan, class was almost over and it was my turn, i decided to release all my troops and put them all over the map. I then quickly began taking over lots of territories and by the end of the game i ended up with the most territories and ended up winning. My plan came through again for the third time and i realized that without strategy this game would be awful for me.

  9. Risk Day 2.
    This is the first time i have ever played Risk. I had heard much about the board game but never knew how to play it. After quickly learning to play it i realized that Risk is actually a simulator. Simulating the random odds at which a faction is able to take control and test another faction for territory. Even though it was my first time playing this game i was personally doing better then my thought at the start. my luck was on my side and i quickly gained territory. Though by the end of the game my luck had run out and i wasn’t bale to secure much territory. I enjoyed this game a lot for the first time and looked forward to playing it again.

  10. Risk Day 3
    This is the last time we were going to be playing Risk. This was the second time i was playing risk and after the first time i had learned some new tricks and learned some tips from people who played Risk. My plan was to wait it out till the end and use my cards in the final few minutes allowing my overwhelming amount of troops and minimal time to take as much territory as i wanted without anyone else’s interference. i had gathered around 25 troops but i made one fatal flaw and i waited too long for the plan to take place. i ended up not even being able to use my troop cards which would have secured my victory but it was still fun playing this unique game.

  11. RISK DAY 2;
    I found Risk very fun and quite a bit easier playing this time even though my luck lacked. As we played for the second time we all used different techniques. The goal was to basically place as many troops to battle other troops and take over their territories. The most territories taken over basically is the winner. This game had everyone very focused through every move they were making and very difficult decisions throughout. During this game I did have a lot of bad luck. I just wouldn’t roll the numbers I needed, especially at the right time. When I needed a six I wouldn’t roll a six but when I didn’t need it I would roll it at the same time with the person I’m challenging and they would get a six too so I would lose my piece. That was one thing that I thought really sucked playing this round. My luck was just terrible. It would make me so annoyed whenever I would rolled really bad numbers. My group members would go crazy if they rolled a number that was bad as well. Risk became more interesting when we everyone would roll a bad number because I find it funny but also interesting how serious everyone takes it when they would lose a troop. It shows how focused we all were. I had to try and use different strategies to try and get more territories taken over and managed to get third place compared to last time. I think that if I strategize more next round I can have better chances in taking over the most territories.

  12. RISK DAY 3;
    For the last round of playing risk I found this round the more ultimate hardcore round. By that, meaning, everyone was all in on trying to win this round since it was the last and everyone was attempting to do better then all the other rounds. I managed to have really good luck during this round of playing risk. I rolled many big numbers when I needed too and whenever I needed a certain roll I would end up getting it which made the game more fun, because I knew I might have a chance at winning. I tried to build up troops on one territory at a time and put many troops just so I would have many chances if I were to be attacked. In the end of this last round I did become second place which was a big improvement compared to the other rounds I played. A strategy I could work on is collecting as many cards as I can and using it whenever I found that it would be an easier time to attack because if I attacked while someone else had more troops I would lose for sure, but if I strategized what I was gonna do and attack at the right time I could have a better chance taking over the territory.

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