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RISK: Group 4

Responses for Group 4:


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  1. Risk is a game of strategic decisions in terms of utilizing your soldiers correctly and efficiently while obviously risking your chances of winning or losing by rolling the dice if you get the higher number your opponent loses a soldier and vise-versa. the objective of this game is to take over as much land as possible with the limited amount of soldiers used per turn. at the end of each turn u get a card and the next person goes. this game not is only about focusing carefully but aswell as making sure you use your best move with the best possible outcome.

  2. Risk day 1
    On the first day of playing risk I had planned to take over either south America, Africa or Australia. But because of my placements in the game and the turn I played on, it was a struggle to get the continent’s I wanted. One technique I used was trying to talk over a territory every turn so I could receive a points card to build an army. Another technique I used was cashing in my points cards so I could take over South America. But it was a difficult process because the dice I rolled always fell on a lower number than my opponent. It was like the whole game relied on the probability of the dice you roll. But eventually I did take over the continent, moving my way to North America. I felt like I was doing well till the very end of the game where Bavin took over a territory in the continent I had control over. This game was very frustrating and was in need of a lot of time to concentrate and play. Overall risk if great game to play because it teaches you various skills you need for real life.

  3. This is my first time encountering the game of RISK and it involves a lot of thinking in a way that you have to strategize and be smart as to where you lay out your soldiers in order to advance and be able to take over territories without ending up in a position where you lose all your troops or are close to losing all your troops or in a position where your chances of taking over a territory are extremely low. Unfortunately, that is what had occurred for me during the first game of RISK. I was just getting used to the basics of the game, although I didn’t think my decisions through which led me coming into last place. The way I had played was extremely basic; I placed my troops around and continued to go against other territories until I was no longer able to and with my luck, that didn’t turn out so great as I lost majority of my attacks and I even had one unfortunate experience where I had a 3 v 1 against Minesh, landing three 1’s. I failed to realize that I was supposed to keep more than one troop on the territories rather than attacking all of them away so it would allow me to build my following chance / attack, although I kept one troop on every territory which allowed the others to have multiple 3 v 1s against me and led me to losing a large amount of troops. Another way that I ended up last in the first game of RISK is that I had focused on one territory rather than expanding and with my first tactic that had negatively effected me, that didn’t work out at all and I literally ended off with five troops in the end compared to what the others. I didn’t think my strategies through and I had high hopes for my rolls but that led me to a direction I was hoping I wouldn’t end up in which was last place. For the following game, I plan on counter attacking and using new strategies that will benefit myself and allow myself to have more troops around to prevent my territories from being taken over and to also expand in places where I see others have only one troops to have more games of 3 v 1s as an attacker as it gives me a better chance and just to hope for the best and a better outcome!

  4. ADD ON TO DAY 1:

    As RISK was a new game to majority of our group except for one member, we were still getting used to the game but had some complications and questions that needed to be settled. Some issues that came up was the RISK Card and how it was supposed to be dealt with; our group had thought that you receive a card once you take over a continent but after receiving clarification, it appeared that you receive a card once you take over a territory which made a huge impact on our game as once we changed into the system, everyone was able to get ahold of more troops which was extremely beneficial. This was one of the most valuable aspects for me in this game as I was definitely in need of troops and I ended up cashing in approximately 17 troops, although with my luck, the class had ended so I was unable to make any moves with the additional troops I received. As this was my first experience, I found this game extremely interesting and included aspects of strategy, plotting / thinking of how to properly expand without being negatively effected, and in my case, luck. As mentioned before, I plan on using my first experience and applying it to the second game to counter attack and possibly even make an alliance as it may be beneficial to my position in the game so I have less to worry about as only 3 others will be attacking me instead of 4. I look forward to the next game and hope for the best.

    • DAY 1: On the first day we played RISK, it was the first time I ever experienced such a game that requires strategic skill unlike the game Catan. It requires skills that involve planning and organizing for the near future for your army. As it was my first time playing the game, I was a bit lenient on the other players (e.g not taking over other continents so other players have a chance) but I realized that it’ll give them the advantage to expand their army and to possibly overtake my army. Another valuable lesson I learned was that if you take the lead in the early segments of the game, you will get targeted by other players which could possibly get them to work together to overthrow your army.
      RISK is all about strategizing and planning with your goal to own as much territories as possible and it was my bad luck to try and push to win as much territories from the beginning without thinking about the other player’s responses and what they would do to prevent me from owning as much territories as possible. I eventually landed in third place on the first day of the RISK challenge.


        I realized that the strategies I learned throughout the game are used in real life events on the international level. Countries that have good ties with one another tend to weaken their borders and sending their troop on borders where there is more conflict that they are involved in. Just like how Canada and the U.S have a peace agreement between the two countries but the United States would still deploy their troops in Iraq.

  5. RISK – Business Journal 1
    There are a couple different versions of risk, some simple, while some more deluxe. Though I’ve played the RISK version that was more deluxe, meaning this board game also included moon territories, water territories, etc. This version was still fairly difficult.
    The point of the game RISK is to own the most territories possible at the end of the game. With this being said, each player is randomly given an amount of territory cards and distributes a certain amount of men on them, depending on the rating of the card. Then, every turn each player is allowed to add three more troops/men to the board. This may vary depending on if the player holds full continents or not. There are also bonus risk cards that are given to a player every turn they take at least one territory away from another player. When challenging another player, to beat them you must roll the higher die. These cards help each player collect more men and stack up their army. As these rules should be easily understood, my group failed to understand some.
    During our first game of RISK our group made many mistakes. We didn’t realize that every player was able to receive a territory card when they took over one territory. Our group believed we had to take over a continent to receive a card first, making this extremely hard for us to stack up on troops/men if we did not have a continent. Thankfully in the first game I was able to take over two whole continents, being Europe and Australia. With obtaining these continents, each turn I received an extra five troops/men for Europe, and an extra two troops/men for Australia.
    The strategy I used for the first game was to go slow and steady, and then at the end attack. With this being my plan I had saved up my risk cards the whole game to be able to put multiple troops/men on the board at once. This would give me a strong army to attack others territories and battle them when weak. This strategy ended up in my favour by allowing me to add more then 17 troops/men to my territories. With these troops/men I put them all in one location I had in Europe. Though I only had a territory or so in Europe, I believed that I could knock all of Bavin’s troops off, and I did. This happened right at the very end and was a total win for me! This move bumped me up to second place in the game, with Minesh being first.
    My first class experience with playing RISK was very intense but so great. Our group seemed to play well together though it got heated at some points, and all in all, I had a fun! I can’t wait for my second experience and hope I end up succeeding again.

  6. RISK – Business Journal 2
    With my second experience of playing the board game RISK with the class, I believed I would do better than the first time. This being because the last game was sort of my try out run. I gained new knowledge of the game and learned the ways of the players from the first time. I also had the advantage to look up tactics after the last game on how other people play.
    With this new information and knowledge learnt, I made sure to make at least one alliance during the second game – being Shahzad. This was used to my advantage in the way that I had one less enemy, attacking and defeating my troops/men.
    Though I believed it was going to be easier because I had more knowledge, etc. It was actually a lot harder. This being because the other players got better as well. During the second game only four of our five group members played – Shahzad, Bavin, Minesh, and myself.
    For this game, I was the player that got to go first. In my opinion this is an advantage because you are able to pick where you want to disburse your troops/men first. Then, allowing you to have an upper hand on the others by attacking them first and making them weak. I was only able to take over one continent this game. The continent I had full control over was South America, giving me an additional 2 troops/men per turn.
    I also was in control of Africa up until the last second but Minesh attacked me on his last turn and invaded it with taking over one more territory. This was a total dread to me because Africa is worth 3 extra troops/men but also because it made me place second again instead of first.
    Though this wasn’t a bad placement, I still feel like I could have played better. For my next game with the class, I am going to try and use different skills and tactics to win and finally come in first place.
    Arguments and outbursts definitely happened for me but overall I believe this game is intriguing and fun! I can’t wait to play next class and try out my new skills. This has been a great learning experience and a great way to “spice” up the classroom.

  7. DAY 2

    The second game of RISK was more of a failure than a success. I hoped that attacking growing armies earlier in the game would give me the advantage; assuming I would stay in the lead. As soon as I made my moves to take down other players, the other players instantly all came together as one to try and dismantle my armies leaving me at the bottom of the scoreboard. This situation is very similar to the real world where when a country of power would try and take over territories in other countries that are more vulnerable than other countries. For example, North Korea threatening Seoul; the capital of South Korea sparks interest for the UN and especially the United States because of their political ties. In this case, me attempting to take over and lead would represent North Korea but the other players that grouped up took down my army would represent countries like the United States and South Korea so that they work together to eliminate the threat. Another tactic I noticed that was used by the other players was the use of intimidation. Players would intimidate opposing armies by being verbally aggressive and threatening them that if they are preyed upon, they would strike back. This tactic goes back to Donald Trump and the United States. President Trump would not take action violently but by putting them down verbally and belittling countries that pose a threat. Although this is merely just a board game played by people of all ages, the way the game is played can be interpreted to mimic real-life events on an international level when it comes to politics and war. This game has taught me a better experience than what I see on the news.

  8. Day 2:

    As we proceed to the second class, we played the second game of RISK and throughout the duration of my time from the first game to this one, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and have had the ability to think about any strategies or techniques to better my position this round and to have a better outcome overall. In the previous round, I had a rough time as I ended up last place, although I thought about it and figured out my mistakes and incorporated those mistakes in this round by making sure I did the opposite and counter attack. In this round, at the start, majority of my troops had been scattered around North America so I had intentions of taking it over first then expanding to other continents and taking over more territories. And gladly, it all played in my favour. My first few rolls were unlucky, although even though I had lost, before I ended each turn, I made sure that I at least won one territory by playing it smart with a 3 or 2 verse 1 so I could receive a card to be able to gain more troops later on in the game. As the game progressed, I continued to place troops around North America in an attempt to take it all over. Something I managed to change which worked in my favour from the last game is that if I continued to lose, I would wait till my next turn so I would be able to have troops to defend my borders and any attacks that were going to come my way which were extremely beneficial as the outcome of this strategy was positive. I eventually managed to take over North America and one of my biggest threats at the moment was coming from Emma who had a territory right under me with around 3 troops so I decided to make an alliance with her to prevent her from taking over and I wouldn’t have to worry about her invading my territory from the bottom so I only had to worry about one other territory that was able to be invaded. As I held the North American territory, I received 5 troops each time so I had placed them on the borders to prevent from being invaded but I also had used it to expand. My downfall had come close to the end as Bavin cashed in his troops and continuously versed me, taking over one of my border territories which disallowed me from getting five troops. Luckily, because I had received a card for majority of my turns, I was able to cash in approximately 17 troops which gave me the opportunity to get back my territory but to also invade into Bavins territory and take over approximately 3-5 of his in about two turns. At this point, the game had come to an end and all of it worked in my favour. Making an alliance with Emma put less stress on me as I only had to worry about one border and it gave me the opportunity to focus on expanding more as I had placed a decent amount of troops to protect that border. The others didn’t seem to have any interest in getting ahold of my territory as they were spread out on the other side or on the bottom territories which also worked in my favour. In the end, I used my mistakes in the previous game to my benefit as I was able to counter on them such as the alliance, being patient, protecting my borders, receiving cards each turn as much as I could / was able to, and expanding to places where I was able to 3 v 1 for a better chance to win. I look forward to taking these strategies to the following game and hope for the best outcome, similar to this as I surprisingly ended up in first place. I conquered the others and uphold my ground, now it’s time to take a risk and attempt to get ahold of more territories, trying to improve from this game.

  9. RISK DAY 1
    On the first day of playing RISK, I have to admit it was hard to get used to. At first our group did not know how to play properly, and we were playing of what we thought was right. So for half the class we were playing without putting three troops every turn, and we didn’t know that we had to get a card after we took over the territory. Even though we played it wrong, I have to admit that it was pretty intense due to the fact that everyone just wanted to claim their territory. One thing that I realised on the first day of playing is that making ties with others is completely useless. At first, you will think its a great idea because you will think that no one will turn on you, until they actually do. Also, another thing that I realised was that this game is all based upon your luck of what number you role. This was a major factor of the game that i didnt like because i kept getting low numbers. But somehow at the end i managed to take over Asia and i also took in to consideration that taking over Asia is an automatic win, which is what I needed to do the next time we play RISK. So what i learned from playing risk is not to mess with anyone right away, and make alliances with everyone, take over Asia and i will guarantee get the win. On the first day of playing i ended up getting first place.

  10. Rise day 2
    The second time we played risk, I didn’t get to play. Although I didn’t participate this game I saw some interesting tactics people used when they were playing. The person that had majority of the territories on the board ended up becoming the person with the least at the end of the game. There were allied teams in the game turning on one person. I also saw how some people first secured the borders of the continents and worked their way in, I thought it was a smart tactic. Also there was a technique that was saving all of your cards so you can build a huge army and take over as many territories as you can, this was a technique that I didn’t apply to the last game we played. I hope for the next ame to conquer at least two continents the next game starting off with Australia since I think i should be the easiest continent to get. Therefore when you do get that continent you will have an addition of two troops. Also in Australia there is only one way to get in and out so it will be the best lace to secure first. Hopefully by the next game I can apply these strategies and do the best I can.

  11. RISK DAY 2
    On the second day of playing risk it was only Bavin, Emma, Shahzad, and myself and Aakshana didnt participate. So I came on to this game by using the information i gathered from playing the first time. One thing that I made sure I did was try to make alliances with everyone during the start of the game. I told everyone that I won’t attack them if they promise not to attack me and believe it or not it worked. I told them that I was taking over Asia, and they were completely fine with that. Throughout the match, I was just doing my own thing and taking over asia one by one while they were battling for their territories. I also made sure that i was helping each player out by telling them what to get that would benefit them in the long run so that they would not think of me. I decided to play this game out silently not causing trouble with any other players. While playing the game, I took in to consideration that Emma and Shahzad had an alliance that I knew was never going to be broken by any means. So I used that as my advantage to kind of join in with their alliance so I would not have to worry about them in the long run. My only problem was Bavin who was trying to take over not only me, but also Emma and Shahzad and that was not a good idea since that made us all want to get revenge. Near the end of the game, I realized that Emma and Shahzad were coming for me which is what I expected. One thing that I learned from this game is that everyone will help each other during the beginning so that they can get more troops on the battlefield, but then when they have the troops, they will forget about the alliance and every man is to themselves trying to get first. So since everyone was coming for me, I had to do something for myself. At the end of the game, I decided t attack Emma and ended up winning a territory that put me in first place. This game was a very intense game and I will be looking forward to the third game.

  12. RISK – Business Journal 3
    For the last game of risk in our group there were only 4 players – Shahzad, Minesh, Aakshana, and myself. As we all were very familiar with the game by then we quickly started, all eager to win. Shahzad was the dealer and this meant that I was able to go second in the game. In my opinion as I’ve stated before, I believe this is an advantage because you are able to disperse your men where you please before most members. This allows you to claim your territory and attack other players troops/men before they attack yours. Sahana was the player ahead of me and luckily before the game started I had created an alliance with Sahana and Shahzad for certain territories. This added to my advantage of being second because now I had 2 less members attacking the continent I wanted. Sahana had claimed both Australia and South America, while I had control over Africa and most of North America. Shahzad had his men throughout Asia and Minesh had a few territories only in North America, and Aakshana was in Europe. I had a couple men scattered over the board as well but not too many. At the end of the game, that was very competitive, I had placed first, with over 14 territories. Both Sahana and Shahzad were not far behind. The difficulties I encountered this game were very different than the other games played. I found myself in certain situations where people in my alliance wanted to break it. This would have obviously affected me coming in first place, so thank god I was able to make them stick to the original deal. I also had related the last game played more to reality because this is exactly what happens in the real world. Different countries and places all around the world create alliances and then sometimes after want to break it and go back on their word. I also experienced other players being upset at me for others attacking them, which is also like the real world. Many blame other countries for wars and battles that occur even if that country has nothing to do with it. At the end of the day, I had a great experience playing RISK with the class and my group. It has lead me to know more about the battles between countries, as well as how hard it is to really maintain one. I loved that this assignment was original and different than a regular essay. It was hands on and really allowed us to interact.

  13. RISK DAY 3
    On the third day of playing risk, I have realized that you cant be the winner forever and there will be a day to come where the tables have turned. For me, it was this day. Our group this time was Emma, Shahzad, Aakshana, Sahana and myself. Bavin was not here for this third day so Sahana replaced him. I had a feeling that this game wasn’t going to be my game when the cards were handed out and we were to place the troops down. I had no troops on Asia which means I needed to take over another continent. My backup was to take over North America so that’s exactly what i did. But unfortunately, I was getting very unlucky with my roles and things were not going my way. While Sahana and Emma were taking over continents, I was still here trying to take over North America. That means that each turn of theirs they were placing more than three troops on the battlefield while I was only placing three per turn. This was really bad for me since i knew that after they were done taking over their territory, they would start coming for me and that’s exactly what happened. Emma attacked me near the end of the game leaving me with the least amount of territories. Emma and Sahana ended up coming first place, Shahzad came second place, Aakshana came third, and I ended up being last. What I learned from playing this game that you got to be smart with your decisions and you gotta make sure you’re not fighting with others as well. I would blame my rolls for making me come last place but that’s not the only reason. I was not prepared enough and did not have a backup play if I could not take Asia. Overall, this game was really fun to play, and I learned a lot from playing it.

  14. Conclusion:
    The overall experience of RISK was a very interesting one. Playing the game got me to realize that the strategies we use in-game are similar to how international business works. How working with others to take down a player is similar to how the U.S joined the Allies in WW2 to help take down the opposing Axis armies. It also relates to how a player can be trusted to not attack them so they won’t place all of their troops on certain borders. I enjoyed playing this game because it was also a stress relief from other classes and playing this game was a great time to pick our brains to think for the possible outcomes and learn to strategize against other in a game of Risk. It was a great way to share laughs and arguments between players and it sparked up the competition when playing. To wrap this all up, I would like to say that this experience was not only interesting but was also very enjoyable experience.

  15. DAY 3:

    This is the last day of playing RISK, the war between territories has finally come to an end! I started this game off with high hopes and due to my positive outcome in the last game, follow up with those strategies and also to move forward with possibly attempting new tactics and countering on any previous mistakes. I had dealt the cards, therefore I basically had the last move. My troops were placed differently this time as majority of them were on the green and blue continents. I looked at this as an advantage as green had majority of the points which would be extremely beneficial and in my favour if I took it over and that was my plan. I didn’t rush anything, I had been patient and for every turn, I made sure that I had got a territory card to be able to get more troops further into the game. I had also made an alliance with Emma once again so she didn’t invade my territory so I had one less person to worry about. Since there was a small continent below the green and majority of my troops were on green, I decided to invade it and take it over from Sahana. Although, this ended up as a plot twist as she got extremely lucky and majority of her cards she received were two stars, therefore she cashed her troops in and attempted to take me over to get revenge. She ended up getting ahold of the small purple continent again and also she had many troops placed on the green continent which made it extremely hard for me to contest as it would have been multiple 3 v 2s or 3 v 1s in her favour so instead of continuing to take over green, I moved onto blue. No one had control of blue so I was able to take over a couple of territories and it went back and forth. As it came closer to the end, I was 4th place so I had cashed in my troops and attempted to take as many territories as I could to better my position but unfortunately I had ended up third which wasn’t bad but I was hoping for better. There had also ended up being conflict between Emma and I because she had the end of my territory which prevented me from taking that spot as she placed around 5 troops there which had got me upset, although the conflict didn’t lead any further as I decided to let it go. At the end of RISK, I ended up last to first then to third so I would say I gradually made progress and ended up with a decent position / mark. RISK was a fun experience and I enjoyed it more than catan as there was more thinking, competition, and tension along with great battles between one another and I look forward to doing something similar in the future.

  16. Risk day 3
    This this the third time my group has played and we were all trying our best to conquer as many places as we could in the game. I had almost conquered Europe, Emma conquered Africa and majority of North America, Sahana had taken over Australia, South America and majority of Asia. Shazad had some of Asia and Minesh started off strong but held three territories at the end of the game. This game was very trivial as every attempted move depended on the numbers of the dice. Majority of my rolls ended in me losing, so I was surprised I had almost conquered Europe. This game reminded me of NAFTA for a bit. There were so many negotiations to help one country or another it reminded me of the agreements NAFTA. This game taught me many lessons you would learn in life. You need to compromise, and take initiative to do the best of your potential. A strategy I used during this game was saving my cards till the end, because if I just used a few at a time, I wouldn’t have been able to protect my borders and conquer enough places. The point cards weren’t my only strategy. During the game I had also made alliances with two members in my group. We had made the promise to not cross over each other’s territories that left us to leaving our connected borders week because we knew wouldn’t cross over each others land. One problem I faced in this game was my luck in rolling the dice. The numbers I had rolled majority of the time was one, two or four, and these numbers were always lower than my opponents. There is so much risk put forward into playing this game. You have to think strategically over where you want to attack, how many troops you want to place where, and who you want to create an alliance with. It may not seem as much but the time gap from the end of your turn to the beginning of your next turn is very stressful. Many things could change, all the things you planned out could ultimately fail. But overall, this game taught me a lot of things you’re bound to learn in the future, every move you make, you have to be willing to take a risk.

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